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w/ Jim Goodman “An Anti-Trust Reboot Could Give Democrats Traction in Rural America.” Common Dreams/Daily Yonder.
“The Farm Bill Should be Better.” The Progressive Populist. 
w/ Jim Goodman “NAFTA 2.0 Benefits Corporations More than Farmers.” The Des Moines Register.

“Project Tractor, Ten Years Later.” The Defender.

w/ Jim Goodman. “Farmers are Hurting, but Don’t Blame Mother Nature/Bad Farm Policy Contributes to Natural Disasters” The Progressive/Common Dreams.

From Brazil to Mexico, A Cautionary Tale.” North American Congress in Latin America.

Farmers Want Fair Trade, Not Handouts.” The Progressive.

AMLO Should Threaten to Leave NAFTA.” Counterpunch.

Donald Trump is Wrong on Dairy Policies.” The Capital Times.

Make Tariffs Work for Wisconsin Farmers.” Wisconsin State Journal.

On Farmer and Farmworker Solidarity: In Words and Actions.” The Defender.

w/Mark Hoffman “Ending Sanctuary Cities would be a Job Killer.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“The Brazilian Crisis.” The Defender.

“What Happened to the Rural Middle Class?” Wisconsin State Farmer.

A Confused Ideology on Family and Government.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“Agroecological Seed Co-ops.” NFFC: The Family Farm Agenda.

w/Mark Hoffman “Digger Deeper: The Chilean Mining Crisis.” Counterpunch.

“Climate Change and the Environment: Voices from the MST.” NFFC: The Family Farm Agenda.


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