Below you find a few syllabi for courses I have taught at San Francisco State, St Olaf College, Metropolitan State, and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Introduction to World Affairs (IR 104)

The Problem of War (PS 119 – St Olaf College)

Global Environmental Politics (ES/PS 201 – St Olaf College)

Latin American Politics (PS 224 – St Olaf College)

Democratic Theory (PS 231 – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Citizenship in Global Perspective (PS/Soc 304 – Metropolitan State University)

Fundamentals of International Relations (IR 308)

International Political Economy (IR 312)

International Organizations: New World Order (IR 334)

Politics of Globalization  (IR 336)

Social Movements (IR/PS/Soc 424)

Human Rights in Global Perspective (IR/Phil 436)

Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism (IR 540)

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