The picture above is from my time in Brazil, when I was with the Landless Workers Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra, MST).  The photo shows an elementary school that is in part financed by the Brazilian government, yet administered almost entirely by the MST.  As I found throughout the country, integral to the movement’s resistance is a complex and contradictory manner of mobilizing through state power to construct alternative ways of organizing communities.

The research I conducted in Brazil documents the trajectory of the movement’s innovative, radical practices in education, as well as in the areas of economic production and agrarian reform.  My book, Brazil’s Long Revolution: Radical Achievements of the Landless Workers Movement, considers the Landless Movement – of which the MST is central – as a case for understanding revolutionary contention. It also attempts to place Brazilian movements in conversation with movements seeking rural transformation in the Global North.

In the subheadings in this section, you will find a variety of my publications and work.





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